City Park Rules


With Spring leagues kicking off, we thought it was the perfect time for some friendly reminders about the parks we play in and how to make the most of your league this Spring:

City Park Rules:

Drinking publically, except for permitted outdoor festivals, is against the law in all parts of Atlanta. All city parks, especially Piedmont Park, have a strict zero tolerance policy against alcohol consumption. That said, Piedmont Park has taken the initiative to actively control the presence of alcohol on their fields

If any players are found violating Piedmont Park Alcohol Policy, our park permit will be revoked for the day and potentially the whole season! You read that right - if you're caught consuming alcohol by security, you're putting not only your team, but the entire league in jeopardy of enjoying the fields at Piedmont Park so DON'T BE THAT GUY! (OR WOMAN!) Other city parks prioritize the presence of alcohol far less; however, the rules are still the same. If your team brings soft drinks, water, and/or snacks, please come prepared with (black) trash bags to help protect our parks and environment!

Street Smarts:

Although player safety is our number one concern when choosing the neighborhoods and parks that we play at, it's always good to remember these helpful tips when you're headed to your leagues:

  • If you’re driving to your league, LOCK your valuables in your trunk and or glove compartment. If you’re taking Marta or car service, be sure to come with a bag to keep your valuables.
  • Keep you valuables in plain view and near the field you are playing on.
  • No matter what neighborhood you're in, it's always smarter to travel in groups - especially if you're unfamiliar with the location.