Sunday, July 21st:

Piedmont Park has closed their fields due to rain. All sports at that location are cancelled.

Park Rules: A Love Story


We are super fortunate to partner with amazing parks all around Atlanta! We work hard to bring you the best field space at the most convenient times. Here are some friendly reminders on how to help us keep playing and get the most out of your league!

City Park Rules:



The end, no ifs and or buts. Period. End of story. (enough finality for you?)


Let's dive deeper:

Drinking publically, except for permitted outdoor festivals, is against the law in all parts of Atlanta. All city parks, especially Piedmont Park, have a strict zero-tolerance policy against alcohol consumption. That said, Piedmont Park has taken the initiative to actively control the presence of alcohol on their fields


We know, especially those who play on Sunday Funday, that this is part of your “game plan” and we are being huge buzz kills but this is a LAW by the City for a reason. It is for everyone (your team, other players, patrons of the park, kiddos, animals, aliens, X-men, Wildlings, etc) safety and we need to know that your teams understand how serious this is. It’s clear that you guys love playing at Piedmont Park but

If any players are found violating Piedmont Park Alcohol Policy, our park permit will be revoked for the day and potentially the whole season! You read that right - if you're caught consuming alcohol by security, you're putting not only your team, but the entire league in jeopardy of enjoying the fields at Piedmont Park. Other city parks prioritize the presence of alcohol far less; however, the rules are still the same. That doesn’t mean we don’t want you to have fun, but this rule is why we work so hard to partner with some awesome sponsor bars! So just don't be the one to ruin it for everyone, k?  



If your team brings soft drinks, water, and/or snacks, please come prepared with (black) trash bags to help protect our parks and environment! Yay for cleaning up after ourselves! 



Some parks are not pet-friendly, but for those that are, they must be on a leash at all times except in designated areas. OH and back on the trash thing, please clean up after them. Don't ruin someones day but leaving your pet's "waste" lying around to step in. 



We love it when you bring music out to your leagues to have a little extra ambiance. But let's be respectful of all people and ages that wander the parks. Keep the volume down & music choice clean, please! 



Parks are open 6 am to 11 pm daily & permits are dished out by the hour. The times you see on the schedule means we will start game clocks promptly at that time. We have to start on time otherwise we bleed into other ASSC game times or even worse, into other leagues game times. We need to be fair to everyone who purchases time on the field. To ensure you get the most out of your game, please arrive 15 minutes or more early to allow for parking and any prep so you will be ready to rock right at game time! Cool? Cool! 


Brush up on your other City Parks rules here

Street Smarts:

Although player safety is our number one concern when choosing the neighborhoods and parks that we play at, it's always good to remember these helpful tips when you're headed to your leagues:

If you’re driving to your league, LOCK your valuables in your trunk and or glove compartment & park in a well lit area. 


If you’re taking Marta, car service, Bird, Lime or teleporting, be sure to come with a bag to keep your valuables and leave your motorized vehicle in a well lit & safe area. 


Keep your valuables in plain view and near the field you are playing on. (Or just leave them at home)


Use the Buddy System: no matter what neighborhood you're in, it's always smarter to travel in groups - especially if you're unfamiliar with the location. 


Please do not attempt to win level 20 of Frogger - USE CROSSWALKS. Look both ways and keep your Pokemon Go/Wizards Unite action to a minimum when walking across the street.