Sunday, July 21st:

Piedmont Park has closed their fields due to rain. All sports at that location are cancelled.

Don't have a team?

If you’d like to join a league but don’t have a team, no problem! Maybe you just moved to Atlanta, or you and a friend want to try a new sport together. If that's the case, you can register as an individual instead of registering a full team. Registering for a league as an individual is easier than ever!


Once you find the league you want to play in, click the register button on the right side of the page. Then click the individual option. You’ll create a player profile and complete your league registration. If you have a friend or two also playing and you want to be on the same team, just include their name(s) in the 'Play With Friends' section and it will automatically link you on the same team!


All individuals are guaranteed to be added to a team. Typically, we put individuals together on the same team. This way, individuals have a chance to meet new people and bond as a team. Often these teams go on to play together for many seasons to come!


Once you’ve registered, we’ll assign you to a team about 24-48 hours before the season starts. You’ll get a welcome email that you’ve been added to a team, and you’ll be able to communicate with your teammates through our app! 


Click HERE to check out our open leagues!


Here are a few stories from some of our free agents who have gone on to play in many seasons!


“My buddy and I signed up for a basketball league as individuals. The guys on our team are great, we go hard on the court and then hang out after. We’re signing up as our own team for next season.” – Marcus S.


“I joined a soccer team right after I moved to Atlanta from Florida. Besides my coworkers, I didn’t know anyone in the city and I thought it would be a really great way to meet new people. Two years later, my original Indy team has stuck together and we’ve won 3 season championships! Some of my closest friends in Atlanta are people I met through ASSC.” – Jessica L.


“I play on an Indy team every season. Everyone is there to try something new or meet new people, and the camaraderie keeps me coming back every season.” – Sam R.