Sunday, July 21st:

Piedmont Park has closed their fields due to rain. All sports at that location are cancelled.

Pick-Up Games

Pick-up Games

Atlanta Sport and Social Club is bringing you pick-up games with the help of our friends at OpenSports via the OpenSports mobile app! 


What are pick-up games? Pick-up games (or drop-in games) are recreational games played without formally constrcuted teams - anyone can show up and play! 


Why pick-up games?

Flexibility: Minimal commitment, no team necessary 

Experimentation: Either try out a new sport or try out a new move/play in a sport that you're familiar with! 

Social: Teammates for a day! Have the opportunity to play with some people that you might not usually play with. 


When and where do pick-up games take place? We'll offer pick-up games in various neighborhoods each week. Pick-up games will be available week nights between 6pm-10pm and on weekends between 10am-4pm. You can find all of our available pick-up games by visiting our OpenSports page





Players do not need the OpenSports app to join events and receive invites, but they do need an OpenSports account