(Cross Platform) Call of Duty Warzone - 2v2 Kill Race Tournament #1 5/21

  • Sport: eSports
  • Format: 2v2 Teams
  • Locations: Online
  • Days of the week: Thursday
  • Started on : Started on Thursday, May 21
  • Dates: 5.21
  • Times: 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM

Signup Deadline: Thursday, May 21

Tournament Date: 5/21
Times: 7pm-9:00pm
Captains: Please use your Activision ID as your team name when you register. The team assigned as "home" will host each games and is responsible for reporting the score via the ASSC Discord.
Want to win some cash? Or maybe just prove your warzone dominance? Then this tournament is just for you. $10/p registration fee and we pay out 30% to first place. Second and Third Place receive free entry to next tournament.

This tournament will have 2 qualifying matches with total kill points, it will be a single elimination bracket.
How To Win
Teams are competing to accumulate the most amount of kills within 2 matches. The team with the most amount of kills will win.

The hosting team will create the lobby and invite the opponents using their Activision ID. Users Activision IDs can be found on the match details page. When sending friend requests in-game ensure that you are searching by Activision ID.
Once all players participating in the match are in the lobby and everyone is ready, set the "Squad Fill" to "Don't Fill", once done the hosting team may start the match.
The team with the most kills added from both games will be declared the winner.
Once the match is complete, teams will report the outcome on their match details page.

A tie in kills results in a replay of the map. For tie-breaking situations the map may be replayed until a winner is determined.
Players have 15 mins to check in prior to the game in Discord.
Discord Link: https://discordapp.com/invite/mvGuRv4
If you have a dispute report it in the Discord. Add proof (Video or Screenshot) - multiple disputes is grounds for disqualification.
Players must report their own score in discord.
Any form of cheating (unofficial / modified versions / assisting tools) will lead to disqualification
If a player disconnects during the game, the adversary has the right to get a win. It is up to his adversary to decide if there should be a rematch

  • Warzone - 2v2

    • Age: 18 and Up
    • Team
      • Status: Closed
      • Cost: $10.00
      • Team

      (Fee is per player)